"Over the years, I have had the pleasure to work with the best of the best in many different segments in the world of Advertising and Marketing. Working with a company is one thing, working with a person that steps up to the plate and goes above a beyond to make things happen, is rare. Sarah is truly one of the few."

"Your knowledge has been so useful to us and has saved our domain. I feel like I have learned so much more about email marketing from you, and that is definitely something I will be able to carry with me."

Persona Development

Who are you targeting with your marketing collateral?


When making the same offer to an executive versus a daily user, the messaging must be distinct in order to be effective. Persona development allows us to know our audience, understand what makes them tick, and create a go-to resource to ensure all copy writing stays on-target. 

GAP Analysis

A quality GAP Analysis starts with your goals in mind and renders a comprehensive breakdown of media channels performance. We produce a summary of missed opportunities, errors, and elements for optimization. When specifically targeted toward marketing automation, this analysis will reference your website, social media, and email campaigns noting the largest gaps and prioritizing the necessary initiatives to fill these.

Marketing Automation

Automation is a powerful tool when used to automate what is already working and can increase efficacy when used to ensure the right messages are reaching the right audience at exactly the right time.


Marketing Automation is a full-spectrum of programs available to scale repeatable processes for your business. This could look like SQL alerts for your sales members, dynamic sends for on-site browse behavior, predicted purchase date sends, funnel nurture series, and so much more.

Content Planning

What to say is inextricably linked to why you’re saying it. Content planning intersects with persona development, combined they enable you to target key personas across marketing channels. Content planning allows you to curate content efficiently, saving you time and ensuring what you post is adding to your brand’s authority and nurturing engagement.


Effective copy writing fluidly navigates contacts to the next step of their buying process. Whether I’m advising on theme, creating calendars, or tackling the copy writing directly - I’ll equip you to effectively use your real-estate across channels.

Data Analysis

My background as a data analyst benefits my clients as part of any project. When focused to create stand alone insight deliverables - analysis will condense complex data into actionable insights.


Actionable data is intrinsic to quality marketing. Data without interpretation leads to vanity metrics, overspending, and under-performing marketing channels. Data with accurate interpretations leads to qualified insights, identification of strategic opportunities, optimized budgets, and continuous iterative growth.

Email & Deliverability

Your team wrote the perfect email, or so you thought until you saw it had a 4% open rate in Gmail. Identifying why an ISP’s rates are so low is a complex puzzle of deliverability, authentication protocols, spam triggers, blacklists, and inbox placement algorithms. This specialization is something very few agencies can deliver and a service that sets us apart at BreakGlass Consulting. With years of experience working directly with ESPs, we’ve tested and developed effective strategy tactics across hundreds of enterprise senders.


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