"[Sarah] was able to effectively communicate to our clients both in-house and prospective the benefits that we could provide and align our talents with their needs.She is organized, sensible, professional, and very driven to deliver."

"I was in awe of Sarah's ability to turn even tough conversations into positive recommendations. Her ability to juggle multiple client-facing projects with grace and leadership was unlike any I've seen before."

Sales Enablement

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Process Development

Supporting the WIN

By providing key information on buyer behavior, persona, competitor landscape, key differentiation, etc. -  I enable your Sales team with meaningful content formatted in a consistent brand voice.


I support these teams by:

1) gathering the necessary disparate information,

2) analyzing and condensing these into insights, 

3) creating actionable content pieces and word tracks.

To a client it’s all the same brand, whether hearing from marketing or a direct sales person. Clients expect the same pitch, same benefits, same terminology - any incongruence can create doubt or distrust. This is why it’s imperative to have a feedback loop between Marketing, Sales, Client Success, and Product. This intersection of customer-centric information then drives content for your sales team to succeed.

Speaking the LANGUAGE

Sales and Marketing together fuel your business. When out of alignment, poor conversions often spark blame - Sales perceiving fault to be poor quality leads, Marketing perceiving Sales to demand quantity over quality. The answers are often radically simple once both teams align under their common causes.


I facilitate the necessary discussions to identify the discrepancies between key team strategies. I then partner with internal leaders to outline how each team’s strategy needs to adjust in order to align around business targets, maximize return, and usher a client through a seamless process. Keeping a client-first mindset, I will analyze the customer experience, determine the friction points, and advise a comprehensive alignment strategy.

Solving the PROBLEM

Patterns can be transformed into optimal processes. This could be anything; an ideal flow for assigning leads to sales reps, an evaluation and redesign for project management, or a structure by which to evaluate and choose the best promotion to run.


If there is something you do often and could be done more efficiently, I will determine and define a process to increase speed and quality, putting time back in your day.

We begin by asking the question, "Where do you feel your team is losing the most valuable time."


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