If your company is struggling to generate quality engagement, has complex product offerings, or has run into a wall when it comes to marketing strategy; BreakGlass Consulting is the answer.

Sales and Marketing are intricately connected, these overlaps require synergy as they are what make or break your companies’ ability to convert leads. The best marketing plan is rendered useless without sales processes designed to convert MQLs. Record setting SDRs will be left spinning their wheels if marketing is not producing quality leads. Cohesively optimizing these components will ensure success for your business.

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“We’re not like other companies.”

“We don’t have direct competitors.”

“Our lead acquisition cost is crippling our margins.”

“I don’t have the resources to effectively introduce marketing automation.”

“It’s impossible to digitally convert leads for my business.”

“We’re not reaching contacts post MQL with marketing.”

“Our business model is complex, for all purposes we have multiple separate brands.”

“Our offerings are so specialized we can’t target every different possible group.”

“Our buying cycle is too long for standard marketing campaigns.”

“We can’t offer discounts so we have no incentives.”

“Our clients just don’t respond to emails.”

“We’ve heard from others that it can’t be done.”


Let Me Take Your Company To the Next Level


Business & Marketing Strategist

My product expertise in multiple SaaS Platforms is paired with platform-agnostic strategy that can be applied anywhere for the best of both worlds. I’ve worked with hundreds of digital marketing clients to create tried and true tactics personalized for every situation. I serve as an advisor, committed to caring for overall business success not limited to single initiatives. Equipped to analyze true data, not manipulate it, I can provide key insights into your marketing channels unveiling opportunities for measurable improvement. 

I look forward to meeting you!



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